Cracked Heat Exchanger

Have you been told your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger? See what that looks like, what it means, and what you should do next.

A heat exchanger crack may not initially cause a dramatic build-up of CO in your home. However, cracks get larger over time and it is impossible to predict exactly when the furnace will pose a serious threat.

Install a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your home. This is excellent advice for everybody, but especially if you know your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger WILL eventually cause damage to your furnace including

  • improper burning
  • flame roll-out
  • soot build-up
  • failed ignition

At some point, the furnace will fail and you'll need to decide whether to repair it or replace it. Might be this year, might be next year. If you have heat right now, and your CO alarms aren't going off, you have some time to investigate your options.
New Gas Furnaces

Cracked heat exchangers are often caused by neglect - nobody bothers to change the furnace filter and annual maintenance gets ignored.